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Undergraduate Degree in Theology (BTh)

This fully accredited undergraduate degree in Theology is offered in partnership with the University of Chester. The course is available by distance education and may be studied part-time or full-time. For this three year degree in theology, students progress through Certificate and Diploma levels before reaching Bachelor stage as follows:

First year: 120 credits: Certificate in Biblical Hermeneutics (CertHE)
Second year: 120 credits: Diploma in Biblical Hermeneutics (DipHE)
Third year: 120 credits: Bachelor of Theology (Hons) (B.Th.)

A range of modules can be selected, offering students a wide choice of studies in Theology and Biblical Studies. Examples of our Undergraduate modules are as follows:

Year One (level 4): Certificate in Higher Education in Biblical Hermeneutics (CertHE)

 Introduction to the Bible (10 credits)
 Old Testament Survey (10 credits)
 New Testament-Survey (10 credits)
 The Synoptic Gospels (10 credits)
 Biblical Exegesis: Theory and Methodology (10 credits)
 Exegesis in Practice (10 credits)
 History of Hermeneutics (10 credits)
 Hermeneutics and Theology (10 credits)
 Exegesis and Bible Polemics (20 credits)
 Exegesis and the Preacher (20 credits)
 New Testament Greek 1 (20 credits)
 New Testament Greek 2 (20 credits)
 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1 (20 credits)
 Lands of the Bible (study trip to Israel) (20 credits)
 Theology of Worship (20 credits)

Year Two (level 5): Diploma in Higher Education in Biblical Hermeneutics (DipHE)

Book of Deuteronomy (20 credits)
Interpreting 1 and 2 Samuel (20 credits)
Letter to the Hebrews (20 credits)
Applying 1 Corinthians in Church Ministry Today (20 credits)
Experiential learning (independent study project)
The Church and Israel (20 credits)
Case Studies in Hermeneutics (20 credits)
New Testament Greek 1 (20 credits)
New Testament Greek 2 (20 credits)
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (20 credits)
Lands of the Bible (study trip to Israel) (20 credits).

Year Three (level 6): Bachelor of Theology (Hons) (B.Th.)

Biblical Theology (20 credits).
The Bible, Culture and Historical Theology (20 credits)
Theology of the Book of Romans (20 credits)
Liberation Theologies and their Use of the Bible (20 credits)
Christian Ethics and the Bible (20 credits)
Evangelicals, the Bible and the Public Square (20 credits)
Dissertation (20 credits)

The complete BTh degree programme is available by distance education enabling students to study from anywhere in the world. Full tuition and teaching is delivered through an innovative online eCampus which means that study materials are available online and can be downloaded when required. An Internet connection is normally required.

To find out more about this course, please visit the King's Evangelical Divinity School website

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