Bible Studies


Postgraduate Taught and Research Degrees

King’s Evangelical Divinity School offers an accredited taught MA degree in Evangelical Theology in collaboration with the University of Chester, one of the oldest degree awarding institutions in England. These degrees are available by distance education and may be studied part-time or full-time.

Postgraduate Taught Masters Degree in Theology (MA Theology)

The course is taught by lecturers from King's and provides a comprehensive and scholarly treatment of the history and current expressions of global evangelicalism.

Examples of the various modules students may choose include:

+ Study and Research Methods (20 credits)
+ History, Thought and Expressions of Global Evangelicalism (20 credits)
+ Evangelical Approaches to Biblical Hermeneutics (20 credits)
+ The Theology of Romans (20 credits)
+ Biblical Theology (20 credits)
+ Evangelicals and the Public Square
+ Case Study: Evangelicalism in Latin America (20 credits)
+ Case Study: Evangelicalism in Africa (20 credits)
+ Case Study: Evangelicalism in Asia (20 credits)
+ Case Study: Evangelicalism in Western Europe and North America (20 credits)

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