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Knowing Your Bible - Bible studies by distance

This highly popular distance learning Bible College course provides in depth studies in the Bible and Theology. All of the courses are taught by lecturers from King’s Evangelical Divinity School and are designed for Christians seeking a more in-depth understanding of their faith.

The course is particularly helpful for those engaged in church ministry or other Christian vocations. It is also helpful for lay Christians looking to expand their knowledge of Scripture and is particularly popular among those who are unable to commit to full-time academic work, or who are not looking for a full undergraduate degree.

In order to obtain the certificate, students study for eight modules either part-time or full-time. For students who simply want to study on an occasional basis, any of these modules can be studied separately as independent short courses. The eight Knowing Your Bible study modules that make up the Certificate programme are:

  KYB1: Introduction to the Bible
  KYB2: The Bible As History
  KYB3: World of the New Testament
  KYB4: Introduction to Biblical Exegesis
  KYB5: Biblical Hermeneutics: Theoretical Considerations
  KYB6: Christian Doctrine
  KYB7: Biblical Prophecy
  KYB8: Exegesis and Polemics

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